Industry Expertise

The business world is evolving faster than ever before. For a business to thrive long term in the ever changing competitive arena, agility and adaptability are key. We advise our clients on how to grow and transform their business as the landscape in their industry is changing in order to excel and keep on excelling long term.


While these are growth industries, the quick evolution of technology in the ITT sector is only one dimension that organizations need to contend with, eroding margins and aggressive competition, along with increasingly savvy customers make it uniquely challenging to gain and maintain an edge over the competition.

We help our ITT clients find an edge and work with them on a strategy to maintain it.

Our areas of expertise are:

Analytical CRM – From campaign reporting and ad-hoc analysis to company-wide CRM value-steering dashboards, we use analytical CRM to identify and highlight business opportunities and facilitate decision-making

Product Management – Our team of experts joins forces and leverages on your company capabilities to innovate your P&S portfolio by adapting tested and proven concepts and expedite implementation

Customer Experience – We actively use Customer Lifecycle Management to increase ARPU and reduce churn, by predicting individual customer’s actions and implementing strategic plans and tactical campaigns

Sales & Marketing – Our analytical approach to value-based customer segmentation and partner compensation supports your company define and implement the optimal strategy


The global financial crisis has deeply affected the financial sector and redefined the landscape and what it takes to win. The highly leveraged balance sheet having now become a thing of the past, a return to customer centric business models and change in customer risk tolerance is in order.

TFCG and its partner network aims to assist clients in the financial institutions and the banking sector:

  • General decision support : Finding solutions that are immediately applicable to the right questions
  • Identifying and evaluating strategic and financial alternatives
  • M&A advisory : Pre-transaction Due Diligence. Valuation and negotiations, execution and closing
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Strategic Adjustment Plans
  • Defining, planning an managing divestments


Companies in FMCG industry are facing changing landscape brought on by increasingly complex consumer behavior and tastes resulting in shorter product life cycles, commodity cost increases and retail consolidation resulting on downward pressure on margins.

Terra Firma Consulting Group works with clients in the FMCG industry to build future proof strategies to help them mitigate these risks on their business and flourish.


We will, through our JVs, provide advisory services in the field of Real-Estate and its related areas. We understand the specifities of the sector in the gulf region. Our target clientele in the sector consists of Real Estate Owners & Developers, Financial Institutions (Banks and insurance), Public Companies, Construction Firms, Hospitality companies and more. Our services cover many types of properties: Offices, Industrial, Retail, Residential and more.

Our area of expertise includes site selection, asset management and financing solutions. Our clients can also benefit from our advisory on capital markets, debt and equity position, valuation of interest and property analysis.

Our services include:

  • Strategic and Technical Consulting
  • Reports and Market Analysis
  • Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Efficient Asset Management Solutions
  • Value Optimization
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side Advisory
  • Evaluation of compliance with the highest health safety standards (as set by UAE Buildsafe)
  • Marketing Strategy for residential projects


Growing increasingly saturated with new conceptual trends battling established brands for market share and a consumer that is more price sensitive and discerning than ever before, the hospitality industry is faced with challenging realities and adjusting quickly and effectively is not an option. Many questions need answering, answers that will define the future of your business.

We help our clients establish and implement the right strategy to deliver year on year growth and profitability.


The global education market is at a “tipping point.” New disruptive technology has broken the old boundaries of instructions and rendered them insufficient to provide quality learning for a new generation of students and teachers. It is now possible to achieve a better environment in school, an enhanced delivery of education services and easy-access academic resources, all while following the imperative of cutting costs and optimizing the budget.

Through our JV partners, we are able to offer advisory to all types of establishments, from a simple high school to a multi-campus university regardless of scale.

  • Implement a multiplatform learning environment that grows the student base locally and internationally
  • Transform the learning process to enhance student success, improve efficiency, and reduce costs
  • •Streamline the administrative organization: eliminate redundancy, automate processes and efficiently leverage existing infrastructure investments
  • •Improve teaching service delivery: improve teacher effectiveness, implement distance learning and facilitate the interaction and cooperation between students and teachers
  • •Identify specific students and provide them with the help they need to fulfill their potential
  • •Perfect the use of online, collaborative tools to provide better quality learning to an exponentially growing student base, and effectively manage the data growth that ensues


We offer specific advisory services to the public sector tailored to its particular needs. The public sector is feeling the brunt of austerity economics all while being tasked with accomplishing its increasingly complex missions.

Increasing efficiency while keeping costs under control is what our public-sector clients can expect. That will be achieved through the enforcement of good governance and also through making sure the client uses the most fitting technology for their specific need.

  • Fostering Strategic Capacity, or the ability to lead and manage strategically in a complex and dynamic environment through the (re)evaluation of the client’s goals according to financial, legal and political possibility and a predictive viability study
  • Improving the Decision Making capacity, or reconciling the external demands of the organizations’ target (citizens/users of a public service/clients) with the specific skill and abilities of staff when making decisions.
  • Developing Analytical and Process Capacity. Good governance requires transparency in decision making, well-distributed power limits (efficiency, accountability and transparency). That requires the decision making process to be well documented and measured every step of the way, and evaluated in the end.
  • Leadership development and Feedback process improving the organization’s performance
  • Training the employees and functionaries in the use of new technology. This service is scalable from a single employee to employees of an entire ministry
  • Tailoring the technology infrastructure to the needs of the public sector, leveraging the use of present legacy systems and easing the transition into next generation technology
  • Keeping public sector information secure, reducing its storage costs while ensuring pertinent access to it
  • Implementation of Geospatial Information System for analyzing Data in a geo sensitive way and reading it on a map eliminating inconsistencies in resource assignments in geospatial terms (Intelligence Agencies, Transport Departments, Emergency and fire management, and targeted localized planning services)