Advisory Services

Do you have the right strategy? Is your strategy delivering optimal results? What is the impact of your organization’s strategy on the competitive landscape? These are only some of the questions we contemplate when advising our clients. We specialize in building strategies that deliver tangible and measurable results.


Your organization’s strategy defines your success. Provided you have the right strategy, how well it is adopted across your organization at every layer will determine the extent of your success.

At Terra Firma Consulting Group, we make it our business to advise you on the right strategy and ensuring it is adopted across our clients business.


We believe that, regardless of the industry, no business can succeed long term if it’s not customer focused, thus the first execution of your corporate strategy are your Marketing and Sales Strategies.

At TFCG, we don’t separate Marketing and Sales strategy development as we see them as very tightly connected and mutually dependent.


Have you ever come across an organization that couldn’t use more resources or a healthier bottom line? The best way to gain quick access to additional funds in your organization without increasing your spend is to optimize performance across your organization.

We believe this is a key part of the process in implementing the right strategy and make it a priority to identify the potential performance improvement areas and advise and assist our clients on optimizing their ROI.


The power that a solid IT strategy and implementation holds is often overlooked in organizations. Simply put, a solid IT Management strategy will improve business results.

We advise our clients on ways their IT resources and investment can be optimized with minimum disruption to the business while improving cost efficiencies. We believe in useful innovation.


While desirable and with many positive implications, TFCG believes that not all organizational growth is equal. Growth can take on many forms, the key to successful and sustained long term growth is ensuring that it fits within your organizational strategy and enhances it.

At TFCG, we advise our executive clients on managing growth opportunities with an eye to the future.


Most organizations contain a large amount of raw data that if processed correctly contains very powerful insights.
TFCG will transform the raw data sitting idle in your organization into a powerful performance enhancing resource. A game changer.

We use world-class methodology in creating predictive models that drive concrete results at optimal ROI.


Terra Firma Consultants are well equipped with project management skills to assist in implementation of all initiatives we advise our clients on. We are accountable and will participate in the implementation of our recommendations.