About Us

Terra Firma Consultants, your partner every step of the way.

Terra Firma Consulting Group was created in Dubai, the business hub of the Middle East, to focus on serving the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With our significant experience in these markets we bring a unique combination of senior level management experience in various industries along with an equally deep market understanding that delivers unparalleled value to our clients businesses as we deliver solutions that work and that we are willing to assist in implementing. We are accountable.

Our services cover : Corporate Strategy advisory | Marketing and Sales advisory | Performance Improvement advisory | IT Management advisory | Growth advisory | Data Analytics | Project Management

Our Vision – Useful Innovation

Terra Firma Consulting Group aims to be the leading management strategy consultants headquartered in the Middle East. We are passionate about making a difference in our clients businesses.

We believe in useful innovation. We define useful innovation as one that makes a positive contribution to the bottom line of our clients, one that is applicable in a fast paced environment and always cost effective.

Our Values – Leading by Example

At TFCG one fundamental belief guides our daily lives: leading by example. With a deeply entrepreneurial culture as part of our DNA, we believe that the only way to sustainable success is leading by example. We believe in:

Demonstrating commitment every step of the way
The success of our clients is our success.

Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit
We are business people; as such we are always on the lookout for opportunities that will benefit our clients.

Limitless Ambition
Our ambition knows no boundaries. We want to be the standard setters in our industry.

Transparency and Accountability
We keep open communication channels at all times and are always honest and accountable.

Delivering Excellence
We believe that great work is delivered when one enjoys the journey. We are very passionate about our clients and the work we do for them.


The Terra Firma Consulting Group leadership team is built around a group of professionals with extensive hands-on senior management experience across several markets and industries with track records of bringing value, passion and innovation. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring our clients innovative solutions that work.

John Saliba | CEO

Driven by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, John has extensive industry experience in Construction, Manufacturing, Education, and Hospitality. From setting up to managing a number of companies in each field.

One of the founders of Terra Firma Consultants, his belief in the development of business across the Middle East to meet the “best of practice” standards internationally whilst developing new ventures has been a core founding principle behind the drive into the consulting and venture capital field.

John combines pragmatic business insights with deep analytical skills, gained through years of entrepreneurship and hands-on industry management, an MBA from INSEAD and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University (Canada).

Industry expertise:
Construction, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing.

Management expertise:
Strategy (Corporate and Operational), Performance Improvement, Business Turnaround, Finance, General Management.

Strategic Partnerships

Terrafirma benefits from strategic partnerships with specialized companies in Europe and North America to ensure outstanding expertise on a variety of areas and bring the latest industry innovations to our clients.

Our partners supplement our product portfolio and ensure we can always offer the right solution and optimum team staffing on our projects. Accordingly, not only we benefit from the bilateral exchange of information and operations, but also our clients.