About Us

Terra Firma Consulting Group was created in Dubai, the business hub of the Middle East, to focus on serving the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With our significant experience in these markets we bring a unique combination of senior level management experience in …

Advisory Services

Do you have the right strategy? Is your strategy delivering optimal results? What is the impact of your organization’s strategy on the competitive landscape? These are only some of the questions we contemplate when advising our clients. We specialize in building …

Industry Experties

The business world is evolving faster than ever before. For a business to thrive long term in the ever changing competitive arena, agility and adaptability are key. We advise our clients on how to grow and transform their business as the landscape in their …


Solid ground is where Terra Firma Consultants will help guide your business. We are management strategy consultants focused on serving the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With expertise in various industries, we believe in useful innovation and the endless world of possibilities it opens for our clients. Let us help guide your business to Terra Firma.

John Saliba | CEO 

Driven by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, John has extensive industry experience in Construction, Manufacturing, Education, and Hospitality. From setting up to managing a number of companies in each field.

One of the founders of Terra Firma Consultants, his belief in the development of business across the Middle East to meet the “best of practice” standards internationally whilst developing new ventures has been a core founding principle behind the drive into the consulting and venture capital field.

John combines pragmatic business insights with deep analytical skills, gained through years of entrepreneurship and hands-on industry management, an MBA from INSEAD and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University (Canada).

Industry expertise:
Construction, Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing.

Management expertise:
Strategy (Corporate and Operational), Performance Improvement, Business Turnaround, Finance, General Management.